Computer Operations – SuRPAS Service Bureau Operations (3rd/night shift) Monday – Friday, 11PM – 7AM

BNY Mellon
August 14, 2019
King of Prussia, PA
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Computer Operations - SuRPAS Service Bureau Operations (3rd Shift)

Must be willing to work: 3rd/night shift, Monday - Friday, 11PM - 7AM

SuRPAS Service Bureau Operations Overview


SuRPAS Service Bureau Operations is currently responsible for queue scheduling and executing jobs in 39 client databases (combination of Production and Test) utilizing the SuRPAS application on a VMS and Linux Platform.  An extensive amount of transmissions are included throughout the processing cycles using NDM and FTP protocols.


Operator Responsibilities:

  • Execution of the current day’s client queue utilizing internally developed checklists OWL, (Operations Workflow Log), and database monitoring tools to maintain 24X7X365 database processing and meet all client SLAs and deadlines.
  • Conduct backups using EMC,(VMS), and ARK, (Linux)
  • Provide support to clients by responding to emails and phone calls.
  • Monitor the status of equipment such as; PC's, printers
  • Perform file transfers using NDM and FTP’s and understands how to perform overrides, override date checks and new date masks when required.
  • Queue and process ad hoc events submitted through ELM (Event List Manager).
  • Perform project work when required.
  • Process and complete User Acct. Maintenance requests for accounts password resets.
  • Check DB Status and understand detail. Estimate how long before files can be shipped.
  • Understand how to respond to DBstatus alerts
  • Check, review and maintain OWL (Operations Workflow Log) alerts for databases being monitored. Determine validity of alerts and notify supervisor when required.
  • Perform SNAPSTATs during the course of processing day for databases monitored.
  • Perform cursory troubleshooting of database processing errors and follow escalation and contact procedures appropriately.
  • Understand hierarchy of escalation : Night Duty, integrators, Supervisor, Manager
  • Understand how to open SEVERITY level tickets for processing abends
  • Know the important SLA’s and CPI’s associated with databases being monitored.
  • Understand database node processing.
  • Understand the basic function of ARKSYSTEM/ EMCDATAREP and how to perform tape backups.
  • Understand LIMITINQ and LIMITALL and how to complete times in Shift Summary.
  • Understand basic events in a database processing queue and their purpose.
  • Basic understanding of MEL (Master Event Listing) and where to locate them.
  • Basic understanding of ELM (Event List Manager).
  • Understand how to identify transmission failures, File Rejects and ERRs.

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